Rain Insurance

Lost Income with Outdoor Events can be Avoided with Rain Insurance

After a couple of hot dry months, we all welcome the sound of near and distant thunder mingled with the smell of welcome rain. But what happens to organizers of big events when rain threatens to disrupt an entire event? The entertainment industry relies heavily on rain insurance because concert organizers only have a limited time for their events and they will need protection against rain preventing a concert taking place. The best insurance brokers are able to structure a policy to protect single- or multi-day events that could face the wrath of violent rain storms.

When holding an event outdoors, particularly in the rainy season, it is wise to have another option open should a storm blow up. Rain, lightning, hail and snow can pose a problem for any event that is held outdoors. It is all very well to be able to move everyone indoors if its starts pouring for small outdoor events, but what happens in the case of massive sport events or ceremonies held outdoors and where thousands of people are attending? The insurer will structure a policy to protect any event from rain, and rain insurance can be structured to also recover un-recoverable expenses that an event is liable for, like venue costs and feature entertainment for instance.

Lost Revenue When an Event is Rained Out

Concert promoters will have to reimburse each ticket holder and all vendors involved. Massive sporting events like world cups also fall under entertainments, because just like a music concert, they also risk lost ticket sales.
The equipment that could be damaged by rain includes things like lighting, photography equipment, public address systems and more. Just think of an international air show; long months going into preparing for an air show, and if the weather is rainy or windy, planes are prohibited from taking off, and the entire day could be cancelled.

MontRidge Insurance Services make the rain insurance process simple for their customers. Once they know what event needs to be covered, the date of the event, the type of coverage needed and the amount of coverage required, they provide you with a quote. They understand too well that losing unrecoverable millions of dollars in rainfall damage can ruin an entertainment company entirely.

How Much Rain Needs to Fall?

Since rain insurance is specific to dates and locations, every quote has a premium rate that is built around a particular event. Selected Rainfall Threshold is the amount of rain chosen by the client, which if met, will result in a claim. Rain Insurance can be either Rain Accumulation which covers for when a certain amount of rain falls during a certain time period. The insured decides what hours they require coverage for and also how much rain will need to fall before it will put a halt on an event.

With Rain-Free Hours the insured is covered if a certain amount of rain falls for more hours in the selected insured hours than the pre-determined number of dry hours that the client needs.

Rain Insurance can be Tailored

Rain on its own is one concern, but what if the rain is combined with freezing temperatures too? Fortunately insurance policies can be tailored to suit your unique needs. Sometimes an event doesn’t even require being canceled for an insurance policy to pay out.

There are a number of companies who can design a rain insurance plan for you but MontRidge Insurance Services can be depended on to tailor the right plan simply because they take the time to understand your needs and your expectations and come up with an insurance policy that is affordable , but which still offers the coverage you need.

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