Non-Appearance Insurance

Non-Appearance Insurance for When the Curtain Goes down on a Non-Event

When people think of non-appearance insurance, they are more inclined to think that it prescribes to music entertainers, when in fact the coverage includes the business world as well; in fact any event where an artist or group fails to turn up, and to this end there are many insurance implications.

It can be a relief to know that comprehensive coverage for cancellation, postponement or  interruption of an event can be arranged due to the non-appearance of the key person because of an unforeseen event.  Coverage also applies to other things like lost ticket sales, lost broadcasting revenue and the costs of re-scheduling the entire event and losing deposits made from hotel bookings etc.

Read Your Insurance Policy Thoroughly

Non-appearance policies always make it clear that the insured has to do everything possible to mitigate financial loss resulting from a non-appearance. Of course non-appearance insurance policies will always have some policy exclusions, and will exclude coverage for non-appearance when a entertainer, speaker of some other role model is found to be on drugs or alcohol.

Other things which could well be excluded would be in the event of a  contractual dispute causing the performer to refuse to appear till issues relating to the contract are sorted out.  Policies always need to be thoroughly reviewed so that everything is understood.  MontRidge Insurance Services are all about dependability, and as reputable and reliable insurance brokers they make it their mission to provide their clients with an honest and accurate review on the best insurance packages which offers the most suitable level of insurance.

A Non-Performance Affects Not One, But Many People

If individuals or groups can’t perform, there are heaps of people involved who will suffer considerable financial loss. On top of that, think of  the expense of having to fork out on new promotional and advertising expenditure for an event that has to be re-arranged. The Tiger Wood story is a perfect example of a top performer whose withdrawal from PGA tournaments caused a massive drop in ticket and sponsorship sales, proving that the failure of a key person to appear at a planned and scheduled event can have enormous financial ramifications.  Non-Appearance Insurance is a must.

As with other insurances, the premium for non-appearance insurance is based on the location of the event, the age of the entertainer as well as their entertainment history. You can just imagine, there are many  expenses linked to  arranging and setting up an event, after which the event organizer also gets a cut of the revenue upon completion of a successful event.

Apart from the costs, in most cases, the organizer or event manager also derives a revenue after successful completion of the event.  When an event is called off it affects a whole lot of people like the event organizers, managers, the ticket agencies and the venue owners.

Insurance Policies can Always be Tailored

The type of events that prevent an event taking place can include things like utilities failure, terrorism, death, sickness, transport delays, accident, civil unrest and fire and rain. These events can be concerts, sport events, trade shows, conferences which may include a motivational speaker, filming, weddings and many different types of corporate functions.

Each non-appearance insurance policy can be tailored to your event and your needs and is based upon the individual- or the groups age, their medical history and  location of the event. You can arrange this coverage on an annual basis, on an individual event basis.

Being Able to Trust Your Insurers is Key

Non-appearance coverage can be purchased as an add-on to an event or entertainment insurance policy. The bottom line is that the events- and entertainment industry is a risky business and those looking for insurance in this area need to rely on insurance brokers with special expertise. In a world full of uncertainties and mistrust, it pays to know a trusted and dependable ally, and MontRidge Insurance Services are approached by those who appreciate their trustworthy virtues. Call us today for a non-appearance insurance quote.

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