Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare Open Enrollment a Time to Review Current Prescription Drug & Health Coverage 

Medicare Open Enrollment  When looking for good medical care, the rules imposed by insurers can often prevent you from choosing the physicians and the hospitals you prefer. Most people choose a plan that has the lowest premium; but whatever your reason for making your choice, once you make it,  you may not be able to change plans until next year. Medicare is a government-run health-insurance plan for people who are 65 and older and those with disabilities, and beneficiaries can change their  coverage during a Medicare Open Enrollment Period and choose Original Medicare or from Medicare Advantage Programs. To join the Medicare Advantage Plan you must have Medicare Part A and Part B.

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Making Sense of Parts A, B, and C

You become eligible for Medicare benefits as soon as you turn  65. They have different types of coverage: Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D as well as supplement plans known as Medigap-Supplemental Policies which are also offered through private health insurance companies. These plans are designed to cover the gaps in Original Medicare; the costs not covered by Parts A-D like co-insurance and deductibles.  Medigap has different plans; Medigap A, Medigap B and on through to Medigap N, with the most comprehensive policy being Medigap F.

Change to Coverage that Meets Your Needs

During Medicare Open Enrollment from October 15th to December 7th, people have numerous opportunities to make changes to ensure they have the Plan that will meet their health care needs. For instance an Original Medicare Plan has a number of deductibles that can be financially draining if you need to be hospitalized. On the other hand, the Medicare Supplement Plan can spare you this expense.

Medicare Enrollment Some of the changes that you can make to your Medicare Plan include –

Switching from Original Medicare to Medicare Advantage Plan and vice versa; a draw card with Medicare Advantage enrollment is the low premiums and the fact that they accept all health problems except ESRD, known as End Stage Renal Disease;

Joining a prescription drug program, and if you are on such a program already, you can change to another one better suited to your needs;

Switching from a Medicare Advantage Plan to another plan or switching from an Advantage Plan which offers prescription drugs to a Plan that doesn’t.

You need to look closely at each Plan, more-so if this year you have health problems that didn’t exist last year.  Evaluate the coverage and the costs and select the program which will make your health care affordable but also adequate.

During Medicare Open Enrollment You need a Trusted Friend

Worried about which health-care plan to choose? Confused about what Medicare will cost? It will depend on the choices you make as well as your annual income. It is important to evaluate your healthcare costs when making your annual enrollment decisions.
If you don’t understand the terms of your insurance it can cost you. The Medicare Open Enrollment Period is a tricky time and you need to carefully weigh up your options because once you make a choice you are bound by it until the next Open Enrollment Period.

There is no denying that Medicare is complex and confusing, but experts like MontRidge Insurance Services can help you understand it better. You can’t afford to be ignorant in important matters like health and finance, and the reliable and trustworthy MontRidge team help people understand Medicare and helps them with selecting the health insurance policy which addresses their health needs and their budget.

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