Show Horse Insurance

No Need to be Saddled with Unreasonably Priced Show Horse Insurance  

Insurance which is competitively priced saves you from the stress of knowing that you stand to lose everything from something unpredictable happening. Show horse insurance is no different, and even the best cared for horses face situations which cause injury to them or cause them to lose their lives, and anyone who has had to pay veterinary bills will know how critical it is to have horse insurance.

While horse shows provide the perfect opportunity to show off your horse-riding and horse-jumping skills, people who participate in this exciting sport can’t help but feel somewhat overwhelmed by the costs involved. In fact, anything that is equestrian-related is going to cost you. From club membership fees, to vet and farrier fees, to having the right show clothes to accommodation costs, training and coaching fees as well as trailer fees, there is a lot of money at stake in the world of horses.  Fortunately show horse insurance policies are available depending on the information you provide and which cater for every level of  competition horses.

Myriads of Show Horse Insurance Options

There are different aspects to insuring a show horse; in fact there are a  myriad of options, and reputable insurance brokers will talk you through your needs and make sure that you and your show horse get the insurance coverage you need. MontRidge Insurance Services understand your equine insurance needs and they always assess every situation in order to be able to offer the best coverage for your security.  Horse trailer insurance is just one aspect of show horse insurance and is offered to protect your horse while it is being transported from one part of the country to the next.

Full Mortality insurance covers most causes of death and will require a vet to examine the horse to prove it was in good health before coverage was granted.  This kind of policy is based on the current market value of your horse. You can choose to cover your horse for just mortality, but you can add in any of the other options like surgical- or major medical insurance options as well. Your insurance policy quote will therefore depend on the type of policy you are looking at for your horse, and take into account its age, its state of health, your location as well as what you use your horse for.

Liability Insurance Critical for Public Crowds at Horse Shows

It is  important to compare horse insurance policies in order to understand what veterinary procedures are covered. Not only that, as a horse owner, regardless of whether you have a show horse or not, you should protect yourself from your horse causing injury to someone or damage to someone’s property, and for this scenario, horse owner liability insurance is important.

If you own a horse, insurance experts regard this kind of insurance as mandatory, because without it your entire net worth could be jeopardized if your horse accidentally caused injury to, or the death of someone at the show. Remember that horse show insurance liability coverage is also available on a short-term policy basis.

Insurance Tailored to Your Needs and Budget

When it comes to show horse insurance , there will be the type of insurance available to cover all your equine needs.  MontRidge Insurance Services aren’t a one-size-fits-all company; but rather they take time out with their clients to discover their needs and to tailor insurances around those needs as well as their client’s budget.

When it comes to such a costly investment like a show horse, you need  insurance brokers who are noted for their trustworthiness, reliability and honesty, and these are words which are synonymous with the way MontRidge operates.

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