Equine Insurance Companies

Equine Insurance Companies Make Sure You Get Coverage which Completely Protects You

A standard horse insurance policy may not be meeting your needs as a horse owner or professional horseman because it may only cover damage to your stables if a fire destroyed them. Would your horse insurance cover you if one of your riding school horses injured someone while they were on your premises?

What about if your horse is a show horse and you make use of a horse trailer to transport your horse; do you know what horse box insurance entails? A horse is a large financial investment, and you therefore only want to  have equine insurance in place from equine insurance companies who handle your claims in an efficient and trustworthy way. The policy you choose will depend on the financial risk you want to be exposed to, and the more add-on’s you select, the more protection you will enjoy.

The Right Insurance Company Saves You Time and Frustration

Reputable equine insurance companies protect horse owners from massive financial loss when a horse is injured or falls ill, and with liability protection they protect people from becoming involved in time consuming lawsuits because of a horse which injured someone or damaged property. Policies always have their own terms and conditions, whether you choose mortality insurance, breeding infertility-, major medical or surgical insurance.

Make Sure You Are Clear on Exclusions

Because horse health care diagnostics and treatments have become more complex, and because medical policies don’t all cover the same things, horse owners need to check very carefully which treatments are excluded from a policy. Some equine insurance companies, because of rising veterinary medical care,  have been experiencing losses on major claims, causing them to add higher deductible limitations as well.

A Matter of Life and Death Depending on Insurance Company You Select

Because of emotional- as well as financial devastation from losing a horse, horse owners want answers to their questions before emergencies arise, and having to do with a reputable insurer makes all the difference between losing your beloved pet or seeing him through a time of illness or injury.

It is for this reason that the very first step in choosing the right insurance company is finding a reliable broker. Such a broker will not only help you through the difficult jargon of the different policies, they will also work with and negotiate insurance for their clients, helping them get the best deals and discounts from top equine insurance companies.
MontRidge Insurance Brokers make it their priority to intensively survey the insurance market on the behalf of their customers to determine which insurance can come up with the best policy and the right prices to suit each customer’s  horse ownership needs.

Horse Insurance Companies Must Fully Understand the Horse Industry

When it comes to equine insurance companies you want people who fully understand the horse industry; who know all about breeding and training, the illnesses horses endure as well as veterinary fees. These insurance companies have been involved in the horse industry themselves for decades and they can advise their clients on things like policies with guaranteed renewal of mortality coverage until your horse turns 16.

Reputable and reliable equine insurance companies will advise their clients about the fact that  major medical insurance for instance can’t be bought without first buying an equine mortality policy. Many horse owners don’t know this.

The Welfare of Your Horse Comes First

Insurance policies are legal contracts between the underwriter and the insured  and MontRidge Insurance Services shop around by checking with only the most knowledgeable, trustworthy and experienced equine insurance companies who can tailor the best coverage and services so that the welfare of the horse and its owner is always a top consideration.

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