Equestrian Insurance

Equestrian Insurance

Every horse has value, whether you use your horse for the sheer pleasure of riding, as a show horse, for sport or for work purposes. No matter what we use horses for, they offer friendship, companionship and therapy, and with horse racing they can be profitable if you know how to beat the odds. A horse that gets sick can cost you a fortune in veterinarian bills, and if the horse dies you could be losing your financial investment, particularly if your horse is a magnificent race horse.


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With racing horses you can spend a small fortune on them. When you add up trainer fees, food, blacksmith fees, veterinary bills, shipping from one racetrack to the next, the expenses all add up and you need to consider what you would be losing if your horse were to be injured or died.

Insuring a horse can help you to replace a horse, and whatever role your horse filled, equestrian insurance takes care of animals worth a lot and which are hard to replace.

The Age of Your Horse Will Determine the Premium

Insurances are not the same for all horses, and how much you pay to insure your horse requires getting a quote. This is because premiums vary depending on the age of your horse, its breed, what it is used for and its value. MontRidge Insurance Services are insurance brokers who like to take the needs of their client’s into mind and they customize equestrian insurance to suit the needs of their clients who own horses, making sure their clients only pay for the coverage they require.

A horse is a large and valuable investment, and for this very reason you need safe and dependable insurance brokers who are interested in looking out for the welfare of your horse.

What Equestrian Insurance Policy Suits Your Horse?

There are a number of policies which can be tailored to suit the needs of horse owners. To make sure you aren’t over insuring or under insuring your horse, an equine underwriter can establish the value of your horse.
With equestrian insurance, the types of policy and levels of cover will vary. There are some aspects that you will need to understand if you opt for mortality insurance.

To get mortality insurance for your horse you will need to know its value. Take note of the fine print… for instance, some horse owners may only be allowed to put an injured horse down with the consent of a vet who is actually linked to the insurance company.
Bear in mind too that for older horses, usually those over 15 year of age, it can be difficult finding full mortality coverage.

There are however some insurance brokers who offer veteran horse insurance for horses over 15.
Loss of use insurance is for when your horse is injured and you can no longer use it for the purpose you bought it for in the first place. You will be paid out a predetermined sum according to the amount agreed on.The right plan can certainly help with reimbursing you for the horse’s value if it is stolen, injured or dies.
Liability insurance for your horse can also cover you should someone be injured while riding it or if your horse should break loose and cause damage to somebody’s car out on the open road.

Cost Effective Horse Insurance

Some horse insurance companies will want to have a veterinary health certificate before they let you take out a medical insurance policy with them, and if your horse has any pre-existing conditions, these will be excluded from the policy. This means that cost effective horse insurance is possible by removing unnecessary items.
Insurance Brokers Who Understand Horses and their Needs

Finding a reputable and reliable insurer who has vast experience in equestrian insurance is key. Understanding the different equine insurance policies needn’t be a problem, because MontRidge Insurance Services provide solutions and all the advice you need. With their experience and expertise, they know exactly what it takes to own a horse and are willing and able to offer you and your horse all the protection you need and at the best prices.

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