Liquor Liability Insurance

Raise Your Glass to the Best Liquor Liability Insurance for Your Hospitality Industry

Liquor liability insurance covers many different businesses in the event that a claim linked to liquor is made against the business. The insurance can be sold as an add-on to a commercial liability policy or as a separate liability policy. Typical liquor liability insurance will include things like legal defense costs, assault and battery coverage as well as employee inclusion, and the premium will be based on a number of factors.

For instance the premium will be calculated based on the location of the business, and a bar that is open for longer hours than most will also have a higher premium than a restaurant that closes its doors by 9pm.

There are important things to understand about liquor liability insurance which will ensure you get the most from your insurance coverage type. The thing is to check and make sure that the clauses you need are actually included in your coverage.  Assault and battery coverage is a must because many alcohol related crimes end in violence.

It is Imperative to Understand Liquor Liability Insurance Exclusions

People who run bars, nightclubs, pubs and restaurants for instance know too well that many people suffering with problems with finances, relationships and ill health comes to drown their sorrows where alcohol is served. Unfortunately there are quite a few misconceptions that exist in the hospitality industry about liability risks for intoxicated patrons, and it is therefore very important to speak to insurers who understand the industry well and who can explain certain liquor liability insurance exclusions.

There are laws which state that businesses selling alcohol can be held liable for the actions of their drunk patrons. Some people are inclined to think that liquor liability doesn’t apply to them because they don’t own a business where liquor is sold. They don’t realize that there are circumstances where people not involved in the alcohol business still need liquor liability insurance coverage. An innocent wedding reception for instance can turn into a drunken brawl with damages to property as well as injuries, and then the host will be liable for the actions of drunk guests.

Bar Tenders can also Be Held Responsible for Inebriated Guests

If you hire a caterer to sell alcohol at your wedding reception,  make sure the vendor is compliant with  licensing and insurance regulations. Liability is a complicated issue, and while the provider of the alcohol holds responsibility, bar tenders can also be held liable, and they need to check out what is known as a bonded bartender.  The contract of the vendor will more than likely stipulate that the waitron be trained in safe alcohol services and be able to judge when people are on the brink of over indulging.

Host Liquor Liability

Host Liquor Liability provides coverage against property damages or bodily injuries from lawsuits by those people injured by an intoxicated person who was served alcohol at an event.  Liquor liability insurance is complex, and the scope of host liability laws vary in the different jurisdictions.  Liquor Legal Liability is necessary to prevent the business owner becoming legally accountable for contributing to a person’s intoxication. This policy is purchased separately and covers a business selling and serving alcohol.

Prevent Too Much Drink Causing a Downward Spiral

Any establishment that sells and serves liquor is open to a  liability claim because of someone getting drunk to the extent that injuries or property damages are the result. Running a business these days is tricky; and with all the red tape to get a business going the last thing any new business needs is to have someone file a lawsuit against the company.

Liquor liability insurance is important in any hospitality industry, and MontRidge Insurance Brokers have access to the best products from a vast selection of insurance carriers. They understand liquor liability insurance thoroughly and in their skilled and trustworthy manner; they present you with an honest overview of what you can expect with the coverage for your particular enterprise.

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