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Our business division is a result of our clients asking for information or referrals for business services.

It is very important to get it right from the beginning.  Only 18% of loans are approved where we have a 82% funding rate.

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We now offer the following Business Services:

Funding & Business Development

Corporate Loans     Mergers and Acquisitions     Franchise Development    Venture Capital     Private Equity     Leveraged Buyouts    Kickstarter Campaign

Corporate Services

Property Tax Mitigation     Cost Segregation Studies     Payroll Tax Rebates     401K Audits     Merchant Card Audits    Business Plans and much more!

In 60 Seconds and 7 questions you can see your tax savings/rebates here:

Our Business division has all of the required paperwork you will need in order to be taken seriously by banks, venture capitalists, and other funding sources.  Remember your approach, professionalism, and having the right paperwork ready to go from the start will increase your chances of funding your endeavors.

Business Owner(s) / Partner(s) Services

Individual Retirement Plan:  If I could show you a way to move money from your business to yourself in a very tax efficient manner and your CPA thought it was a good idea, is there any reason you would not want to know more about it????

Non-Qualified Executive Compensation Plans

Creative Living Buy-Outs

Benefits:Business 911

Provide Asset Protection, Tax Free Income Stream, Business realizes tax benefits day one, and your money grows risk free which you can take out at any time.  There is no pre-59 ½ penalties and you can carve out this benefit to whomever you choose unlike group health insurance.

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