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At MontRidge Insurance Services we provide solutions to everyday  problems.  We are more than insurance brokers; we are true consultants that work with your needs in mind and not the needs of insurance companies.  Health Insurance Brokers

MontRidge Insurance Services is a full service insurance brokerage firm and our clients are located throughout the United States. We get you the right insurance for your needs, at a price you can afford.

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We offer the following services:

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An annuity can offer retirement income you can’t endure if you are planning for retirement.

At MontRidge Insurance Services, we offer a collection of annuities to help meet your specific financial objectives in retirement. Whether you are presently retired or retiring soon, you’ll come across a variety of choices to help secure your individual financial forthcoming.

There are many types of annuities.

Fixed Annuities. A steady and secure approach to propagate assets at a set rate of interest with a tax rearrangement for more conventional investors.

Modified Guaranteed Annuities. Also recognized as Market Value Adjustment annuities offer tax-deferred wages including long-term fixed-rate choices.

At MontRidge Insurance services, a number of ranges are accessible to help safeguard and strengthen your retirement savings in a manner that meets your necessities:

Fixed Annuities

Fixed Indexed Annuities

Income Annuities

Lifetime Annuities

401K Rollver

Once you decide to retire or if you have a 401K at another company, you are allowed to do a 401K rollover into an IRA type of annuity which can guarantee your principal, provide income for life, and guarantee your rate of return.

Allow MontridgeInsurance Services facilitate you with the procedure.

Rollovers usually take two to six weeks depending on processing time with past employer

It’s appropriate to do a direct rollover from your previous employer. If you prefer an indirect rollover, you have sixty days to deposit the money back into an IRA and there could be a substantial tax effect.

How to carry out a 401k Rollover to IRA?

Notify your former employer that you would like to do a 401k rollover. Make sure your former employer makes the check payable.

Open an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Once the transfer is finished, your money will be placed in some interest-bearing account

Life Insurance:

A lot of individuals and their financial planners believe life insurance as the foundation of their financial plan. Although the key objective of life insurance is to lend a hand and take care of your family in the occurrence of your demise, policies can also aid other objectives comprising:

Establishing an inheritance for your successors

Cash Value build up (Non-Taxable)

Tax Free retirement planning

Wide variety of optional advantages containing cancer coverage
Offering means to pay final expenditures

Formulating helpful aids in the incident of your demise

Why select MontRidge Insurance for your life insurance?

We provide incredibly viable life cover dividends

We compensate claims and pay them swiftly

We exhibit an easy claims procedure

We provide assistance personalized for your requirement

We present an extensive variety of life insurance comprising reasonable permanent life insurance, term life insurance for those aspiring to plan for the longer period, and personal insurance to help guard you and your family against serious mishap.

Health Insurance:


Nowadays health insurance is the necessity of the time. Several of these risks can frequently bring in unanticipated hospitalization producing a financial load on you and your family. With the ever-increasing medical care prices the charges like diagnostic tests, doctor’s fees etc. might turn out to be extremely costly.

We at MontRidge Insurance understands your needs occurring from such unexpected circumstances and offers a variety of solutions health insurance policies that will assist you safeguard your savings.

Well-defined policies

Transparent processes

Innovative products

Reasonable protection

Insurance products that meet your current needs

We take huge pride in our customer service. Over the years we have put a lot of our energy to foster a status of faith. MontRidge Insurance offers great value health insurance, remarkable service and keep dividends as low as possible by keeping our working expenditures as low as possible.

Entertainment Insurance: 

If you are shooting a movie or you are in the music industry, you will need the proper risk management and entertainment insurance to cover everything from a film completion bond to film & video production insurance.  No matter what your needs are, we have you covered.

Making a business film or feature creation is a complex methodology with numerous variables. A creation could be upset by any number of unforeseen variables. You will get various types of insurance policies for solving these vulnerabilities. Provide yourself the true serenity that originates from having the correct entertainment insurance policy for your work. There are numerous insurance providers or companies for entertainment related commercial ventures.

Entertainment insurance includes:

Musicians & Performers

Climbing Gyms

Musicians, Tour Liability and Recording Studios

Special Events

Film Festivals

Rental Houses

Equipment Owners/Operators

Producers’ Errors & Omissions

Short-Term Production



Television Production Packages

Film Production

There are diverse options for entertainment insurance. As a maker of entertainment you may need to ensure yourself and your funding against a large number of occasions that could happen. You may need your cast to appear on time, all the equipment to work properly and the set to be well-protected from any kind of damage. For this purpose entertainment policy secures you, as the maker, from all above mentioned unforeseen calamities.

Entertainment policy likewise secures you from lawsuits. You may have a case against you that expresses that you have encroached copyright or inadvertently made derogatory comments in your amusement. A part of people in general may be harmed at an unique dispatch occasion you are running or live occasion you have sorted out.

The entertainment insurance policy can save you, and that is great as a few claims in this industry run into the millions. This kind of insurance is much like other types of insurance policies that save from fundamental risk like all working gear from harm, misfortune, fire and burglary. You are typically secured for any sort of laborer’s remuneration in the occasion of damage to an on location contractor or worker. Any entertainment program coordinator, contactor or producer can go for this entertainment insurance.

Think about the danger of anything happening versus the cost of an entertainment policy for any undertaking. Considering the whimsical nature of the entertainment business, scope might be thorough and spread a huge number of conceivable issues. The expense of taking care of these issues is regularly ordinarily the expense of the premium. Choose a reliable insurance agent before settling on a choice.

Excitement insurance is an important item that covers the larger part of potential issues that can emerge amid an entertainment occasion. One other item that may furnish you with additional benefits is when individuals may benefit from personal injury at your location.

The cost for such policy is generally a percentage of your aggregate production plan. The definite rates are controlled by the level of coverage needed and the insurer you decide to get it. So, at the time of purchasing this insurance, always look for a better insurance provider and have a look at the features of the policy in perfect manner to have a perfect entertainment insurance policy.

Disability Insurance:

Disability insurance is an immense relieve for the individuals touched by disability at some point in their vocations and is one of the extremely indispensable insurance policies that you can present to your workers.

For that reason, it defends their monthly cash flow, which might be their most valuable strength. Disability insurance guard a policyholder’s earned pay against the danger that an ailment or hurt   prevents them from accomplishing the core functions of their profession.

Disability insurance also guards against sickness.  If you fall ill and are not able to work, your disability policy will be able to provide income as prescribed by the policy your purchased.

Individual disability insurance policies usually demand that the recipient is healthy enough to be accepted for coverage. The majority of individuals buy these policies one-on-one, but discounted reporting may also be presented through the recipient’s employer.

MontRidge Insurance Services offers adaptable and Long-Term Disability and Short-Term Disability group plans, also providing u with services and attributes that can be personalized to meet the necessities of both you and your staffs. We believe in providing value added customer service.When you buy disability insurance from us, you can count on our experienced agents.

Business Insurnace

Business Insurance

You might have made your business from the ground up, foreseeing an idea and creating your ambitions to life. Or perhaps you bought an existing business, it’s an asset you need to look after.

You’ve worked hard to create it – devoting labor, money and time into sculpting your business into the operation it is currently. We can assist you safeguard your business.

MontRidge Insurance Services knows your need to defend your possessions and has an answer for you. We offer insurance for a huge variety of businesses so you can secure a quote and buy the cover you need to guard your company.

Business insurance from MontRidge Insurance Services can assist protect your business from the improbabilities of life that can be changeable and possibly destructive to your business.

If you have an enterprise, we can assist you defend it with insurance coverage personalized to your particular requirements.

Long Term Care Insurance:

Long-term care insurance is essential coverage that offers invaluable support and financial resources that help cover the price of long-term care. By aiding to safeguard your assets, and providing you control and option where you receive care, including in your residence. Long Term Care insurance helps you and your family face the upcoming with certainty.

Long term care insurance can offer many advantages to you and even your loved ones. If you feel uneasy with the idea of leaving your care expenditures to your family in the future, it can aid cover out-of-pocket costs and avert extra expenditures from building up for yourself and your family.

Key reasons to consider MontRidgeInsurance Services.

Sustain independence and financial liberty

Assistance provide for the increasing price of long-term care

Reasonable care and assured quality

Preserve your assets for your partner and other successors

Alleviate family members from having to offer care

Final Expense Insurance:

Nearly all of us don’t like to consider the need to prepare for our burial and funeral, but covering these services is a significant part of individual estate planning. Final expense insurance provides your loved ones the means they need to acknowledge your part in their lives.

MontRidge insurance services plans are invented to be delivered quickly with shortened underwriting so you can easily manage to pay for the final expenditures of a loved one when you need to. We don’t entail medical assessments, our underwriting is minimal and our application can be finished by replying a few health questions over the phone.

With our final expense policy in place, you can rest assured, realizing that your obligations will never add to your family’s anguish. Everything, from the cost of funeral to hospital charges and probate lawyer sums, will be paid for. It’s not just the sensible thing to do, but it’s the ultimate reward to your loved ones in their time of need.

Equestrian Insurance: Horses

MontRidge Insurance services specialize in each parts of equestrian insurance for our customers. We pay attention to what you demand and customize our plans to go well with your needs.

Insurance was initially proposed to assist you recuperate from a financial damage and pay your lawsuit charges. But now, we reside in a culture where societies are quick to place blame. Luckily, there are plans accessible to insure you and your equine activities properly.

Why MontRidge Insurance Services?

We present a complete platform for all your insurance necessities resulting in savings on overall dividends.

We cover complementary and diagnostic treatment which has been suggested by a vet.

We present an extensive diversity of adaptable horse insurance and rider insurance policies that serve for all stages of knowledge from the contented hacker to a polo champ.

We have access to exclusive marketplaces, collectively with our understanding and product expertise.

Restrictive Property Trust:

Restrictive property trust is a duty mitigation plan for stockholders. If you are searching for other approaches to save for retirement while remaining sensitive to tax implications and market unpredictability. Starting a Restricted Property Trust could be the solution. The restrictive property trust is a mode for extremely taxed company owners to carefully expand assets and alleviate income taxes.

The plan permits tax deferred growth, tax advantaged distributions and pre-tax contributions.

The high earning stakeholders who need to diminish duties or taxes, the Restrictive Property Trust can be an exceptionally effective asset accumulator.

The ideal person is one who,

is between thirty and sixty five years of age

has prohibitive yearly revenue from a S corporation, C corporation or partnership

has considerable amounts of money or cash counterparts in surplus,

is looking for superfluous retirement savings.

Restrictive Property Trust is not a suitable for everybody. Those looking for the benefits of this plan must have a 5 year horizon and steady cash flow.

Special Event Insurance:   

Whether it’s a, wedding anniversary, birthday celebration, or any other event, arranging a thoughtful occasion involves a great deal of energy and thorough planning also. So it’s no wonder that maximum people fail to consider the unanticipated and focus on the essential. Reality is, unexpected incidents like mishaps, sickness and extreme climate, can leave you in an unpleasant situation.

When these sorts of circumstances arise, special event insurance can help guard you or your business from suffering financial damage. Hence whether you’re scheduling an occasion for family member or for yourself, MontRidge insurance services special event insurance can diminish your accountability and hurt if you confront an inevitable delay.

Why MontRidge Special Event Insurance?

Our program offers coverages for,

Performances or Shows




Stage performances

Sporting Events

Coverages offered consist of general liability, liquor liability and participant legal liability and medical expense coverage that pays for medical costs.

At MontRidge Insurance Services we strive to make your life easier!

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